Monday, January 14, 2013

Let's Be Friends Week 2

Welcome back to Let's Be Friends!  

I love this picture of me and 3 of my dearest friends!

I hope you are enjoying it so far.  I love finding out about the little things that make people who they are.  Once we cover the basics I plan on having a theme each week.  Stay with me!

If you missed last week, click here to get caught up.

Favorite Food
I have lots of favorites.  I love food!  One of the main reasons I work out is so that I can enjoy eating without seeing it effect my waistline too much.  My absolute favorite, for as long as I can remember, is PIZZA.  I love it all.  From the cardboard-like Totino's Frozen pizza all they way to California Pizza Kichen.  It's rare for me to say no to a slice.

Thin crust Waldo Pizza <3

Favorite Color
Orange.  No, purple.  Eek!  Both!  

Top 3 Favorite Bands
Better Than Ezra
Jimmy Eat World
fun.  (this spot was held by U2 until just the last year or so...sorry guys...release some new stuff already!)

If you are a blogger, write a Let's Be Friends post and at it to the link-up below.  Not a blogger?  Write your answers in the comment section below!


  1. I'll play!
    Favorite food: Hard to pick just one... Some of my favorites are: chocolate, lobster, and pizza (Minsky's 5 cheese medley).
    Favorite color: green
    Top 3 favorite bands (newer stuff): Awolnation, The Shins, Foster the People

    1. I LOVE Minsky's pizza, too! And green runs a close second to purple and orange for me.
      Thanks for stopping by!


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