Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Workout Wednesday Volume 9

Today I am so happy to introduce you to Dee Kennedy.  I first met Dee at my YMCA Pilates class.  Like so many instructors, Dee had a love for Pilates, Yoga and fitness and then took that passion and became certified to teach!  I am honored to be a Peak Pilates mentor to Dee and so lucky to have her as a role model for healthy eating, gardening and green living.  

 How long have you been practicing Pilates?  Yoga?

 I actually have only been practicing Pilates and Yoga for about two years now. I became a certified Peak Pilates mat instructor in October 2011 (after meeting Sally) and started teaching in March 2012.

What classes do you teach?
 I currently teach a Pilates Core class and a Pilates 101 class at Club 7 Fitness in Blue Springs.

What is your favorite class to take?
My most favorite class is Vinyasa flow yoga. I love the constant fluid movement of asanas with vinyasa style. I also love to teach it as well!

Do you do cardio?
 Ughh, the cardio question. Well, I despise running and I love cycling so it's about half and half. I have given running a good honest go and I just can't get into it, I find it really boring. But cycling on the other hand I really like because of the variables in pace and it helps that you kind of get a "fresh start" every time the songs change.

 I know that you are an avid gardener.  Tell me us little about your garden!

Gardening! Yes, I love it! I never thought I could or would grow anything but it has become a passion of mine in the recent years. Even with snow on the ground presently I am planning my spring garden in my head. I grow organic and pesticide free produce for my family and it's a challenge. It's no wonder organic food is more expensive, keeping bugs away from my garden organically is a HUGE challenge. Last year was a tough one due to the heat but I will be back in full force this year. Everything is a complete learning process but it's amazing how many resources there are on the internet to help me. Last year we released about 1,000 ladybugs into our garden (they are beneficial in keeping the bad bugs away) and it was such an awesome experience for my family. Unfortunately it was so hot and dry out that they didn't stick around but it was neat anyways. This year we are going to raise and release praying mantis to help with the bad bugs.

What type of diet do you follow?
The type of diet I follow generally depends on the season. I am mostly vegetarian but have succumb to meat more recently. Meat has a very ill effect on me now since I don't eat it as much so avoiding it is the goal. I cook vegetarian all the time at home and love to!

What is your favorite healthy food?
My healthy food of choice is anything from Nature's Pantry (a local health food store). That store for me, is like McDonald's to most other people. They have so much variety that it's awesomely overwhelming.

Do you have a go-to "cheat" food?
My cheat food, and I'm not proud of it, are those rice and noodle packets. They are awful for you but also super tasty (MSG) and easy.

You caught me at a baseball game letting my son have a Ring Pop.  Your daughter didn't know what it was.  I was pretty strict with what my boys ate (organic, very low sugar/processed foods) and still am to a certain extent, but now that they are in school and sports I find it hard to keep them from having junk.  Peer pressure for sure.  How do you keep your kids away from junk?  Is it a struggle?
Junk food for my kids is few and far between. We are really strict when it comes to the kids. I feel like it's our responsibility as parents to teach them about healthy choices. It's not to say that they don't ever get "junk" food, they do, just not very often. Social situations are hard because of, like you said, the peer pressure. I got quite a few dirty looks from Garrett's ( my 7 year old) baseball teammates when I handed out carrots as their snack. I just don't understand why parents give their kids snack cakes after they have played a physical activity. Their bodies need good vitamins and minerals not sugar and fat.

For you, what is the most difficult part of working out and being a mom?
Being a mom does sometimes conflict with my workout schedule. Fortunately, I work at a gym that has child care which is extremely helpful. I am not the type to workout or practice at home so being in a class is where I need to be. It does affect my teaching times more so than it does my personal workout. Not every gym or studio offers child care to help cover while I teach.

How do you stay motivated when life gets busy?

 Motivation, motivation, humm. Like I said before the seasons really affect my mood and motivation. During the spring, summer and fall I have no problem with motivation and the drive to stay active. But when winter comes around it is extremely difficult to stay motivated. I have found that taking liquid Vitamin D and just doing it instead of over-analyzing what I need to do really helps. Teaching my Pilates classes helps a lot too. I need to be there for my students and provide them with support.

What's next on your health and fitness calendar?
My family will be moving to Houston this summer so I will be entering new Pilates and Yoga territory. Teaching styles vary greatly depending on the region so I am excited to see what Houston has to offer. I am focused on getting my RYT (registered yoga teacher) this summer and furthering my Peak Pilates education.

One piece of advice for new students that want to take a class but are worried about being new, alone, unpracticed, etc.

 My most important advice for ANY new student of anything is to focus on YOU. As Americans, and especially women, we judge and compare others and ourselves way too much. But when we can let go of our own ego and just be the best self we can possibly be it is freeing. So, if you are taking a new class, you are taking a class for you, not for anyone else, so work on you!

What does a typical week look for you when it comes to working out?
A sample of my workouts would include a vinyasa yoga class, a Piyo class or my own Pilates classes that I teach. My Wednesday morning class is a classic and modern pilates mix. I am classically trained but my students really like the modern twist. So I will incorporate stability and small ball work into my classical mat order. I my take a cycle class here or there too.

I would also like to add that Miss Sally herself is the one who first introduced me to Pilates. If it were not for her and all her help and mentoring I would not be doing what I do today. Thank you Sally!

Thank YOU Dee!  I just love how you describe cycle class!  I think that one thing I like about it, too...a new beginning with each song.


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