Friday, January 4, 2013

First Fresh Friday of 2013!

Hooray, it's Friday!  It almost feels like I need the weekend MORE when there is a holiday than when there isn't.  I am kind of exhausted from all of the Christmas and New Years activities.
This week was really fun and it flew by.  Thinking back to last Friday and then to today it seems like I blinked and it was gone.

I just can't say enough how much I love taking part in the Fresh Friday link up!  It really is great to look back on the week and find 3 things that made my week great.  I usually end up with way more than 3 and it helps me to think positively on a day that tends to be stressful.  Join in!

Real Food Runner

Three things that made my week Fresh and Fun:

It snowed on New Years Eve Day!  Big, fat flakes that were beautiful to watch.  We went for an afternoon walk around the block in the snow.  It was cold but very fun and just what we needed after a day inside.  It was fun to talk about how it sounds and feels different outside when it is snowing.  

I was able to kiss all 3 of my sweethearts at midnight.  How great is that?

New Years Day meant heading into work for 108 Sun Salutations.  I had planned to take part in the entire class, but due to management duties, I was only able to get in about 50 Sun Salutations.  It was still a great experience.  I love the 108, this was my second.  I have a very busy mind so it is nice to do this and focus on my breathing, finding my own rhythm, and the added bonus of challenging my body in a new way is nice, too!

Have you ever taken part in a 108?

How did you spend your New Years Eve and New Years Day?


  1. I just googled the 108 ss...I love it. How long was the class? Can you get that many in in a one hour class? Curious... Happy New Year IG pal! I am working on being more present and learning how to write more. I am lost for words when I sit down at my laptop. On IG I'm all about sharing...maybe that's where I just need to start. Reposting my IG posts and just ease into it...I was thinking out loud just now...:)

    1. It takes closer to 2 hours to do 108, at least the way I have done it, with a few minutes to breath, stretch, etc after each series of 10. You could probably get in 50-60 in an hour.
      I am looking forward to your blog comeback! I have my days where it's hard, but it does help to start with pictures and then just tell the story.
      Happy New Year!


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