Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Workout Wednesday Volume 10

It is rare to meet another Sally my age.  It is even more rare to meet another Sally that has a child the same age as mine and that loves to run.  But I happen to know a Sally just like that.  And she is one of the best runners I know! Just scrolling through her list of running accomplishments gives me IT band pain ;)
I am also extremely wowed by the fact that she is not only a before-the-break-of-dawn runner, she is also a cold-weather runner, running in single digit temperatures by the light of a head lamp.  So impressive!

Name: Sally Bowerman
Age: 30
Location: Blue Springs, MO
Occupation: Volunteer coordinator Hospital Hill Run/Stay at home Mom
Fun Stuff:  Running is my number one hobby, but just being around family and friends is what I love to do most.
How long have you been a runner? I have always played sports since I was little. I ventured into basketball, a little bit of softball, and found a good solid fit for me in soccer. I only ran cross country as a Fall sport in high school to stay in shape and be ready for soccer season. I absolutely hated race day. The nerves got to me and eventhough I finished every race, but physically I wanted to finish faster and stronger. I had a love for running, but not a love for racing.

Give us a list of the distances/races you have completed.
 2010: I completed Go St. Louis Half Marathon, Hospital Hill Half marathon, win for kc triathlon, Royals 5k, and Waddell and Reed Kansas City Full Marathon
2011: I completed: Rock the Parkway half marathon, Wesport St. Paddy's 5k, Hospital Hill Half marathon, LAKC 5k, House of Hope 5k, Trolley Run, win for kc triathlon, susan g. komen Race for the Cure 5k, Royals 5k, and CHICAGO MARATHON, Girls on the run 5k
2012: 39.3 Heartland Series: Rock the Parkway, kansas Half, Run with the Cows half Marathon, The Color Run 5k, Glow Run 5k, Hospital Hill Half Marathon, All Star 5k, Rock N Roll St. Louis Full Marathon, North Face 50k <----that's right, folks a FIFTY kilometer run!

You seem kind of unstoppable. Have you ever had an injury or illness keep your from training? 
When I refound my love for running 3 years ago and I was training for my first half marathon my ankles were so sore and in so much pain. Someone told me to push through and my body was just getting stronger. I used kt tape to try and help, but ultimately I got fitted for the correct type of shoe at Gary Gribbles. I needed a stability shoe which helps when runner's overpronate or their foot rolls inward when they run.

What is your favorite race and/or distance to run? 
Tough question. I do love the half marathons.. tough enough to dig down, but still short enough (comparing to a marathon) that I can walk after the race.
In addition to running, what else is a part of your fitness routine?
I try to mix it up with some anaerobic activity-spin class, jillian michaels home videos, I tried insanity at one time.
Weight training? 
A definite yes for me. I love weight training it tones and strengthens in ways that running doesn't. to be honest I need to get my anaerobic/weight training back in on a regular basis.
Flexibility/core training (like yoga or pilates)? 
I love yoga/Pilates when I am doing it, but unfortunately the extra fitness time I have usually goes to my training for races.
Cross training? Do you swim, bike, walk? 
I love spin class, I recently learned I really don't have a love for biking.. I don't know why? I would like to incorporate more brick workouts this Spring.. ex: run 1 mile, bike 5 miles, run 2. I could use a hard core fat burner workout into my routine.
Least favorite exercise to do? 
Jumping. As I have gotten older I really don't like workouts that continuously make me jump. It makes me feel annoyed. LOL
How do you get your miles in on weeks that are busy and hectic? 
I feel like we all are busy and we have to make time for fitness. Some days I will meet some other crazy runners for 5 am runs close to home, a lunch time run, or even sometimes we will run at 7 at night with our headlamps. Planning a workout is just as important as planning dinner. One night I ran 6 miles while my son was at his flag football practice. One Dad commented it was like Deja Vu' seeing me run by time after time.

What is the longest you have gone without going for a run? How did you feel? 
The longest time I have went in three years is a week and usually that is post marathon. Its something about that marathon for me that mentally takes everything out of me. I really have to talk myself into a short easy run after. Plus my body hates me for awhile.
Do you follow a specific diet? If so, give us a peek. 
Diet is my weak area. I wish I could say I eat completely clean. This is another goal of mine to eat better! I would say I eat about 70% clean. some things I love egg whites for breakfast, we usually have a healthy dinner, and lunch is usually dinner leftovers, salad, or something easy/light. I have sometimes made egg white omelets for lunch.
What do you typically eat before you head out for a run? 
5am run-half a banana before and half after. I used to eat half a bagel with peanut butter and a whole banana for my longest run. It sat well on my stomach, but I just got burned out.
After a run? 
Lots of water and either an apple, half a banana, or a small orange within a half hour of my workout.
What is your favorite healthy snack? 
Golden delicious apple
Do you have a favorite cheat food or meal? 
Pizza/mexican food is a big weakness of mine!

What are some ways that you include your family in your love for running? 
My son has run several 5k's with me and he picked up a love for triathlons last year. Addy has done a couple kid races, but I don't want to push too much too soon with either of them.
Do runners automatically love getting up early or is it a struggle? 
Getting up is a struggle, but running at any hour is fun!

A typical weekday run/workout: 
 Stretch, 4 mile run (sometimes tempo run), followed by stretching and free weights or a core workout. 

Thank you so much Sally!  You motivate me to keep running and trying new distances.  I also love that you run while your son is at football practice!  Much better than staying parked on the bleachers.


  1. okay. I think I am going for a run tonight if A gets home on time! I am so inspired! If Sally can run as much as she does, I think I can run a couple miles a few days a week :)

    (I will just need to bundle up because its in the teens these nights!)

    1. The teens wouldn't stop Sally, either. I am so inspired by her early morning, sparkly-from-frost runs. I don't know if I will ever make it out of bed in time to join her, but I love the idea of it!

  2. Love this, Sally! Thanks for hosting this to share with the rest of us :)

    1. It's my pleasure! Thanks for reading :)


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