Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mommy & Me Workout

You want to get a workout in but you also have an energetic baby or toddler running around.  How do you combine the two?  Try this Mommy and Me workout.  Works well for Daddy's, too :)
Lots of hands-on time for you and your kiddo plus creating a way to have fun and stay healthy is so important.  Try these when you are having a hair-pulling, can't make your child happy moment.  Sometimes they just want some one-on-one time and the added bonus is you will get a workout!

Rolling Like a Ball (also known as Blarf-o-Totter):
Hold baby on your shins and have him straddler your legs.  His chest/belly should be supported.  Draw your heels to your rear and roll back and then come up.  To achieve proper head/spine alignment just keep your eyes on your beautiful baby the whole time.  For added fun the person on top should make barfing noises.

Works:  Abs, low back and balance.

Airplane Reverse Squats:  Lie on your back with your Pilates scoop. Bend your knees to your chest and have baby put his belly on your feet.  Hold hands and slowly straighten your legs and then bend back in.  Make sure your keep your scoop and your shoulders down.  Start by doing 5-10 reps.

Works:  Legs, glutes, abs, arms.

Sumo Squats:  Stand with your feet super wide and toes turned out.  "Sumo Stance."  Hold baby in front of you with shoulders down the back and elbows slightly bents.  Lower into a squat, like you are sitting down, then come back to standing.  Again, for proper head/neck alignment, keep your eyes on your bizzle baby.  Counting out loud makes it fun AND educational!  Start with 5-10 reps.

Works:  Glutes, legs, arms.

Let me know what you think!

And, yes, I know I refer to L as baby here.  He is a baby.  My baby.  So there.


  1. Aw, this is SO sweet!

    I used to do the top one with my lil' bro when we was small - just for fun!

    How is the challenge coming?

    1. Who knew having fun can count as working out ;)

  2. Do you have any more?


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