Friday, February 15, 2013


Most of the time I try to remain positive.  I am healthy, happy, I have a roof over my head, an amazing family, more than one job that I love.  And just the fact that I was born and live where I do puts me in a position to not really complain, you know?
But sometimes...
Sometimes I have a crappy day, get pulled over by a mean police officer, and just want everyone to know that I had a craptastic moment in an otherwise perfectly perfect day.
It's weird, isn't it?  My day yesterday was amazing (I don't want to be redundant so you will have to wait for my post on Sunday to for details) but the one thing that is sticking out is the fact that I got a speeding ticket.  (Mom--I know you are reading this--don't tell dad.)<---yes, I am still on my parents auto insurance.  Don't hate.
So then my thought process takes me to how horrible it must be to be a police officer.  Not only do you go into each shift not knowing if you are going to possibly die or see people die, but you are responsible for ruining peoples days by giving them stupid tickets.  You know they are stupid, too.  Except you have to give them.  And you have to ruin someones day.  So, I am sorry for you, asshole cop.  I was angry at you.  And I definitely exercised my right to free speech, or right to be a bitch, yesterday.  (side note--if I was a different gender or color I would probably have been arrested.  It's not fair, but thank god this attitude came in a tiny, blonde package.)  I realize not all police officers have bad attitudes and I am only angry with you.  I acknowledge that you are employed to protect citizens, but that protection shouldn't come with you getting to be rude just because you feel like it.  But I am trying to take my anger at you and turn it in to feeling compassion for you.  It sucks that you have to ruin peoples days while I get to make their days.  It sucks that you feel like you have to interrupt me and laugh when I am explaining myself.  When my students talk to me I get to listen to them, laugh with them, hug them, cheer them on.  You, officer, should consider taking a Pilates class.  Or Yoga.  Whatever.  You need it.  And it could help you realize that the people you are pulling over aren't out to get you, like you are out to get them.  They are just trying to get from preschool pickup to Grandma drop off and on to a full evening of teaching the most amazing exercise system ever.
Ahhh...I feel better already.

Enjoy your weekend, friends.

Happy birthday to me, tomorrow!

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