Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Heart Healthy Giveaway

Time for an Energybits giveaway just in time for Valentines Day!
You may be wondering how spirulina algae tabs and Valentines Day go together.
It's simple!
If you love someone you want them to be their absolute healthiest so that you can love them and spend as much time with them as possible, right?
Well, ENERGYbits and SKINNYbits have been shown to reduce blood pressure and promote heart health.  So rather than chocolate, give bits!
Also, February is American Heart Month so it is also a great time to be thinking of heart health and what you can do to stay healthy.

I have had the opportunity to try ENERGYbits and I love them!  I prefer to swallow them whole, but you can also sprinkle them on food or in smoothies or just chomp 'em as a snack.  I felt more energized and felt fuller longer after a healthy meal + bits.  They are not a supplement but an actual FOOD!  Spirulina algae has been consumed for thousands of years and is a COMPLETE PROTEIN that contains all essential amino acids.  It is considered to be one of the more superior plant proteins, good news for anyone needing protein but not wanting to eat more or any meat/animal products. 

From ENERGYbits and SKINNYbits spirulina algae tabs (because I couldn't say it better myself)

Our algae tabs are quickly becoming recognized as the easiest, fastest, safest and most natural way to lower blood pressure and heart disease and are even being recommended to patients by cardiologists. This is because ENERGYbits® and SKINNYbits® are 100% organically grown spirulina algae which is loaded with heart healthy Essential Fatty Acids like Omega 3 and GLA which reduce inflammation in blood vessels. This helps blood to flow easily and heals the blood vessels so blood pressure and the chance of heart attack or stroke are reduced. Swallow (or chew) at least 30 tabs a day to experience all the health benefits that Mother Nature intended you to have from algae. This Valentines Day (and every day), love your heart to bits with ENERGYbits® and SKINNYbits® 

One post, two exciting promotions!

1.  To raise awareness for American Heart month, ENERGYbits is offering Forward From The Heart readers a 25% DISCOUNT through all of February!  Visit and enter the discount code VALENTINE into the coupon box at checkout.  In the message box make sure you tell them you are a FFTH reader ;)

2.  I am so excited to be able to offer an ENERGYbits/SKINNYbits giveaway!  One lucky reader will win an awesome gift pack of a mini tin that contains 75 tabs of your choosing (ENERGYbits OR SKINNYbits).
To enter simply 

Once you have done this leave a comment below saying you followed and liked all 4 pages. MAKE SURE TO LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS SO THAT I CAN CONTACT YOU WHEN YOU WIN :)
The giveaway will run this entire month and the winner will be chosen on February 28th.
Extra entry: 

Good luck and Happy Valentines Day!


  1. I liked energybits and skinny bits on FB. I want to try these!!!!!

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    1. Thanks for entering and following! Good luck :)

  4. What a fun giveaway :) <3 this company!


  5. Liked & followed everyone :) Hope I win!

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  6. I liked and followed all! And I would love to try these BITS!
    (erica@ericafinds.com) Thank you!

  7. I also liked your page and followed you on Twitter. You can get me back at Erica Finds on FB and @eagran on Twitter if you'd like! If you like my FB page, comment on my 2/14 post and you are entered to win some cool stuff!

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    1. Hi Alex!
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