Monday, February 25, 2013

Snow Running

After one mild winter last year, this year Kansas City is getting snow.  And lots of it!  I love getting outside in all types of weather.  It's fun to see the changes in the landscape and, of course, to get fresh air and move around, no matter the temperature.
So, when we got around a foot of snow last week I just had to get out in it.  The same day of the snow fall I began fighting a yucky cold, so my plans of shoveling and running were somewhat diminished.  I did make sure to get out each day.  Shoveling, walking, running a bit.  This could be why I still, 5 days later, am fighting the cold.  Haha.  No way!  Getting outside helped.

Video from the first day after the big snow.  I had to try running!

Thanks to Facebook I was able to see that many of my running friends were out in the snow.  3 mile runs, 5 mile runs.  I was jealous.  So when we went out yesterday I decided I was going to do some trail running.  I was back in the woods at my in-laws where the snow is at least a foot deep in most places.  I ran maybe 1/8 of a mile and was so very exhausted.  Panting, sweating...and this is me, guys. I run 2-5 miles a few times each week, do at least 3 cycle classes and interval training, too.  So, I don't know if it was the depth of the snow, my cold, or my shoes, but there was no way I could keep up with the miles logged by others.  I did continue to walk in the snow, which is quite a workout, too.  When your foot plunges into a foot of snow, walking or running, it throws off your balance.  Then to lift your leg back up gives a nice resistance aspect.  Snow, for most of us, isn't on the ground very often each year.  I am definitely now a fan of working out in the snow!
I enjoy walking and running in the snow.  For me, though, if it's deep snow I will be doing a walk/run combo.  It's easier for me to keep pace that way, err...not die, and my family can join in, too!

Walking in the snow.  I could do this for hours!
Running.  So challenging but also exhilarating.
I can't go for long, but it's such a great experience!

What I wore:
  • Running tights topped with lined workout pants for water-resistance
  • Cotton t-shirt topped with a thermal shirt
  • Down coat
  • Running gloves that are water-wicking lined with fleece
  • BOGS all-weather boots
^^^^ the boots probably also slowed me down a bit BUT I don't like cold/wet clothes and I especially don't like frost bite.

Probably not the best "running shoe" :)

I asked some friends what they thought of their experience snow running:

"Snow trail running is to trail running what trail running is to road running."
     -Danny T.

"Embrace the elements, they make you feel alive."
     -Sally B.

"Get outside.  Whether it's for 5 minutes or 50.  A little bit of fresh air, no matter the temperature, will do you good!"

[When asked what I should wear in the snow]
"Depends on how long you want to try to keep your feet warm...either way they will get cold and wet, but you will survive."
     Ed H.

"Rain, Snow, or 20 Below."
     -Crystal L.

"I'm like an addict looking for a fix. AKA, what streets are clear enough for me to get out and run?!?!"
     -Callie S.

It's not too often you get running scenery like this!

One more quote that I definitely repeated to myself while running: 
"Don't quit when you are tired, quit when you are finished."
This SO helped me to keep my legs running when I desperately wanted to stop before my designated "finish line" out in the woods.

Bottom line:  get out in the snow!  Experience the outdoors and don't fret about the weather.  Safety first, of course.
If you have snow on the ground make sure you get outside!  Whether its to see how you do running in the snow or if its for a walk around the block, I highly recommend it!  Let me know what you think!

Have you ran in the snow?
How was it?
Do you call it "snogging" jogging +snow?  I want to but I can't and not giggle.  Across the pond "snogging" is making out!

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