Monday, February 11, 2013

Let's Be Friends Week 5

Seriously?  I have already been doing this 5 weeks?  Where o where did the time go?
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Beautiful view of KC from the Kauffman Center!

I had a really fun day yesterday with my silver BFF.  Some of you may remember that I have called her my old lady BFF before, but I feel that silver is nicer.  I will have to run it by her :)

We went to see the musical "Hair" yesterday, which, for those of you that don't know, is set in the late sixties and follows a group of hippies dealing with the Vietnam draft.  I remember my mom talking quite a bit about the musical when I was younger and that she had seen it in the height of it's popularity/controversy, so when my SBFF asked if I wanted to go I was excited.

A little backstory here:  A few years ago my SBFF's husband passed away.  It was the same summer that my anxiety was really bad.  That next fall she invited me to go with her to use season tickets to a fine arts performance series that she and her husband had purchased.  That is really how we went from being Pilates teacher/student to friends.  For a while there I hated driving long distances, going out past dark, being far from home and not knowing when I would be getting home.  I always have loved driving so the fact that I was "scared" of it was so aggravating.   It was the anxiety mixed with my low blood sugar and it made me miserable.  So her asking me to do this was a big assignment for me for overcoming my anxiety.  I would talk on my phone to JF or a friend for the 15 minute drive to and from her house.  While we were at the performance I would try to make myself just enjoy the experience.  And I did--I saw greats like Renee Fleming and Joshua Bell--lucky me!

On the road.  No fear!
Over the course of the half year or so I grew as a person and conquered my fears.

Yesterday was a nice moment to step back and reflect on how far I have come.  I wasn't nervous to drive to her house.  I was perfectly fine going to the "big city" and I am back to feeling like the 20 minute drive is super quick rather than torturous and long.
I didn't ask myself if I felt "real" ONE time.  We went to dinner and then shopping.  No panicky feelings  of wondering when I would get home.  I was anxiety-free and felt very much like my old, pre-panicky self.  It.  Was.  Great.

Shopping! onto the questions for YOU.  Since I just shared a bit about overcoming a hurdle in my life, I want to know about something you have overcome.  I know not everyone likes talking about internal feelings, so these answers can be very light if you would like.  A fear of spiders.  Not liking tomatoes.  Becoming more organized...whatever you feel up to sharing.

1.  What is something you used to be afraid of or that held you back?
Being 20-30 miles from home, my blood sugar being low causing me to panic and then, somehow not being able to get home.  I know it sounds silly, but most anxiety sufferers are scared of things that sound silly to others.

2.  How did you overcome this?
I forced myself, slowly but surely, to step outside of my comfort zone.  I went to musical performances with my SBFF.  I made spa appointments and lunch dates.  I emailed my therapist when I wanted to chicken out or called a good friend when feeling panicky on my drive.  And guess what?  It felt great each time I made it home.  And I always made it home.  Just fine.

3.  Do you still have problems with this?
Yes, but not to the same extent.  Before heading out I do sometimes want to "just stay home" but I never let it keep me from making plans.  I think most people would rather be on their couch than out and about, and that is where I am now.  It's fun to go out, I have always loved it and I am pretty much back to that!

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Thanks for being a friend!

I love restrooms at fine arts buildings...such great lighting.  Am I right?

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  1. <3 your dress in that last pic!

    Wanted to let you know about this fun stuff. :p

    1. Thanks! It was an impulse purchase last fall but I am so happy with it! It's 3/4 sleeve so I can wear it year round. Woo hoo!

      I will check out your giveaway, thanks for stopping by. Join the link up?!

  2. I loved this post! Spoken from the heart and so honest! You did amazing overcoming your anxiety!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

    1. Thank you, Jennifer!
      It was about a 2 year process but oh so worth pushing myself out of my comfort zone.


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