Friday, February 8, 2013

Fresh Friday!

Oh my gosh.  The weeks are flying by in 2013, aren't they?  I can't believe it's already February 8!
I got really exciting news today that a local news program is coming to the Studio next week.  More on that when it happens!

Now for the Fresh Friday Link-up.  To join in the fun head to Katherine's blog.

I would love to hear what 3 things made your week fresh and fantastic, so even if you don't blog for the link-up please leave a comment below!

1.  imadeface app is silly fun!  I tried to make myself and was having a really difficult time.  I hear all the time that I look like Nicole Richie so I switched gears and made it look like her and I think I did pretty well.  What do you think?  Does it look like me?  The reason this app made my Fresh Friday list is because I just realize that it will provide entertainment for L.  He loves making Mii people on the Wii so this will come in handy at ball games, waiting rooms and while shopping.  Anything that gives me extra mommy-minutes is totally fantastic!

2.  My burpee challenge!  I tested the challenge last month but now that I have others joining me it has made it so much more fun!  I love hearing from my friends about how they are doing.  Have you started the challenge?  It's never too late, your day 1 can be when you choose it!  Check it out here!

3.  Star Wars!  I love Star Wars.  I found this out later in life than some.  When 3-6 were re-released in the mid-90's I had never seen them.  When Episode 1 came out I waited in line for tickets and went to a midnight showing, but more being a good friend to Veronica than out of my own desire.  I think I fell asleep.  Oops.  But then Ezman came along and he was obsessed!  We watched every movie 1,000 times.  We watched Episode II the day before III came out and at the midnight showing of Revenge of the Sith I was cheering and crying right along with the other Star Wars fans.
I laugh at Jango Fett jokes.  I want to smack Jar Jar Binks.  I love and hate George Lucas and could talk for hours (or days) about the discrepancies between the trilogies that prove that he did NOT write them in order.  I mean, c'mon.  Obi Wan and Darth Vader come face to face in Episode IV and he just says "hello, Darth."  First, he would call him Anakin.  Or at least Vader.  Not Darth, basically Mr.  Wouldn't he say "Hey, Anakin.  What's up?  Last time I saw you I had just chopped your legs off and you were on fire.  Look how far you've come in your Sith evil plan!" Or at least "Look...R2-D2 is still around, crazy, huh?"
Oh gosh,  I'm sorry.  I'm rambling.  So...the reason Star Wars made THIS week fresh and fantastic is because Levi is not getting really into Star Wars.  Watching the movies, playing the Lego games and with our Galactic Heros.  We have great conversations about Jango and Boba Fett.  About light saber colors.  So I am just soaking up every minute and enjoying having a new buddy to talk Star Wars with.


  1. Stopping by to say Congratulations! You won the giveaway on my blog. I tired emailing you but it bounced back. Send me your address so I can arrange to get your winnings to you.
    And don't forget to stop by the blog and try your luck at some more great giveaways.. :)

    1. Hooray! I will email you right now.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Cool star wars collection there! Oh speaking of fun apps you should check out Dead Yourself! They make you into a cool


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