Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Burpee Challenge

So, how did it go?  Today is the 28th and, if you started February 1 and followed the plan, today you should be doing 30 burpees.  In a row.  No stopping.

So, are you?
I can tell you, honestly, that I am not.  Burpees are very challenging for me.  I get winded so quickly and, although it has improved, I am still a weakling when it comes to upper body strength.  So, I get to 15 or 20 and have to take a breather.  And my form starts to suck, so I need to rest.  I walk around, get my heart rate down and bit, and finish out my alotted number.
Don't quit until you have finished, but break when you need to.

Thanks to the burpee challenge I do notice some changes in my body.

  1. My arms feel and look more defined.
  2. I am getting less winded after doing burpees, which can only help with running and biking.
  3. My push-up form is better.
  4. I am even better at counting now.  :)
So, how about you?  What changes are you noticing thanks to the Burpee Challenge?

The Challenge has been a big success on Pinterest, with lots of pinning and re-pinning.  THANK YOU to all of my readers for sharing.  I am changing the name of the post to remove "February" and just have it be called the Burpee Challenge so that we can still use it as a guide to build strength and cardio health.  To see the updated post click here and scroll down to use the "Pin It" button to share the fun!

Thanks for participating and be on the lookout for more monthly challenges.  This was fun!

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  1. I did not partake in this event...even though i wish i had! I did do burpees in crossfit yesterday and nearly puked! It did feel good though and I feel like it is a great workout! Maybe next time I will partake

    1. You can start the challenge whenever you would like :) Burpees are so rough. And usually greeted with groans from students.

  2. Way to go, girl! I had great intentions of course . . .


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