Friday, February 1, 2013

Fresh Friday February 1

It's time for the Fresh Friday link-up and this week Katherine from The Real Food Runner asked what 3 blessings showered my week. we go!

I ran and finished the Groundhog 5K!  While running 3.2 miles is not that great of a distance for me currently, I know that it truly is a blessing to have two legs and a strong body to be able to do these fun races.  I also started the day with an upset stomach so just being able to run without any issues was a blessing in itself.  I also didn't flip out in a cave!  I don't really have issues with enclosed spaces, BUT, I had never run in a cave before, and being the anxiety-thinker that I am, was nervous that I would panic.  So, in my ongoing attempt to push myself out of my comfort zone, I signed up for this race.  And I was just fine :)

We had a beautiful sunshiny day on Monday.  Right around 70*.  

My 14 year old cousin with Cystic Fibrosis is making small improvements each day this week.  She currently lives in Florida and I have not seen her for several years, but I babysat her when I was in college and I just adore every single one of my cousins, first or thrice removed.  I have been following updates on a blog that her aunt is keeping and in the past few months there have been some really scary moments and some really amazing moments.  While she still is hospitalized and breathing with assistance, they are seeing small (yet big!) improvements each day.  Please say a prayer or think a happy thought not only for little D.G. but for all with Cystic Fibrosis.  Appreciate each breath you take.

So.  I want to know!  What 3 blessings showered your week?  Blog about it and join the link up via Katherine's page or, if you aren't a blogger, leave yours in the comment space below!

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