Sunday, December 30, 2012

Frozen Pumpkin Ball

Sometimes you just have to stop everything and play.  That is exactly what we did last Friday.  I think JF and I both would like to come home from work on Friday evening and sit on the couch in an iPhone/Netflix coma.  Sometimes we might.  But we usually try our hardest to fight it.
As a family we put on our snow gear and headed outside into the snow and ice.

We used our tie-dyed toboggan:

Made snow angels 

and then  

I had the best idea ever!

We had a couple of pumpkins on our front porch left over from Thanksgiving.  They were frozen.
Frozen pumpkins + ice-covered driveway = 
Frozen Pumpkin Ball!
A hockey/soccer/curling/silliness hybrid. We had so much fun and thankfully no broken bones.  We played until the pumpkin broke open.

I just love spontaneous family games.  And the fact that we were playing outside made it even better!

What's your favorite winter moment so far this year?

Will you be trying Frozen Pumpkin Ball anytime soon?


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