Sunday, December 2, 2012

Stay busy Sunday

Today has been a great day!  The weather is unseasonable warm for Missouri.  Today has been in the 60's.  A typical December means, at best 40* weather, and at worst, ice or snow and 20* weather.  So the mild sun is much welcomed by me.
I started out this weekend wanting to get a lot accomplished and I feel like we did.  One of the most important lessons I have learned as a mom is to de-clutter before Christmas.  Out with the old, forgotten toys so that, in just a few weeks, there will be plenty of space for the new friends making there way in.  I am really enjoying the Mom's groups on Facebook that are like a safer, mini version of Craigslist.  I have sold quite a bit of toys, clothes and books and have found some things to buy on the cheap as well.  For me, it's nice to make a little extra cash but even nicer knowing that our once-beloved belongings are going to a child that will really use them and love them, too!

My Sunday:

I started the day with a lovely 4 mile run.  My first run since I did the North Face 5K while suffering pain from plantar fasciitis.  I have been pain-free for well over a week and on Friday my chiropractor gave me the okay to try running.  I am happy to say NO foot pain!

L's room, organized and de-cluttered.  Still more than enough toys, but much more organized than just a few days ago.

E asked me to play basketball with him.  My first instinct was to say no, that I was working on my cleaning and organizing projects, but I am trying really hard to enjoy each moment I can with my children, and what better way is there than playing?

Did I mention we are putting tile in the boys bathroom?  Well, we are.  Here the boys are hard at work.

Cozy, comfy and dressed for Sunday. PS-I love my new duvet cover.

How did you spend your Sunday?

Are there any things you just HAVE to do around your house before Christmas?


  1. Wow...does look like a great Sunday, I spent mine playing Axis and Allies with a friend all day..sounds dorky but actually really fun!

    1. I love dorky things! Sometimes they are the most fun :)

  2. Love that your child's room is full of books.

    1. Me too! I will be honest, with 2 boys that love books, it can get a bit overwhelming to keep organized. But I wouldn't have it any other way :)


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