Monday, December 31, 2012

Oh, 2012

So how do I look back on an entire year for a blog post?  I know I am supposed to keep this brief, not be boring, etc.  So, I will try.

First, the highlights that came to mind:

I started this blog.

I ran my first 10K!

I stood up for myself, my feelings, my individual self more than ever.

I learned how to sit, breathe, and just be.

I got an old lady.

I fostered two lost dogs and reunited them with their owners.

I went on a few road trips and didn't worry about getting in fiery crashes or pooping my pants.

I had a low-blood sugar incident where I didn't feel real but didn't let it ruin my day!

I spent time with family and friends and have tried to be helpful and loving without jeopardizing my own sanity.

Second, just a handful of my favorite pictures:

4 year old costume love.  It doesn't last nearly long enough.  Enjoy it!

Soda pop!

My sister, Levi and I.  I tried to find moments to spend with my sister this year.  I think I did good.  What do you think, Mom?  

Day trips with my boys.  If memory serves, this is the waterfall at the Westin Crown Center, also the back drop to my prom picture :p
This guy.  Patient, understanding and fun to spend time with.  He needs to take me on more dates in 2013 <3

12 years later we all got together and it was exactly the same.  Same conversations, same giggles, same...everything.  Don't forget your friends.  They are the only ones that loved you then and now.  They are the only ones that can transport you from 32 to 19.

I love his laugh.  I hope it stays this way forever.  E and I talk about my uncle's strong, wonderful laugh quite often because it is easy for him to remember when he is feeling sad.  Ezra's laugh is just as organically perfect.

It would be really easy to sit and think about all of the sad, bad, not-so-great things that the year contained.  But it is much more rewarding to look back at the good.  The great.  The perfect little moments that made the year worth it.

Happy New Year, friends.  2012 was pretty fantastic, wasn't it?


  1. I am so happy you are dealing with anxieties, saving good memories and have love in your life every day.

  2. Looks like your year was a great one, Sally! Hope you'll do the green smoothie challenge with us :)

  3. What an amazing post! I loved reading this!

    1. Sirse? Thank you so much! Happy New Year!


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