Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Workout Wednesday V7

Today for Workout Wednesday I am happy to introduce you to Katherine from Real Food Runner.  A blogging friend of mine, she has given me lots of helpful advice and her Fresh Fridays link up has served as inspiration not only for my writing but how I view my week :)
As I read through Katherines interview I was shocked to learn she is only 21!  She really seems to have her act together, doesn't she?  

Name: Katherine (my good friends call me "Kat")
Age: 21
Occupation: student, tutor
Fun Stuff: I love hanging out w/ friends & laughing so hard my stomach hurts. I also love photography, blogging (of course!), live music concerts, kitchen messes when trying to make somethin' good, creative projects & a million other things!

How long have you been a runner?

I would still classify myself as a baby runner. Growing up, I was a super active kid but it's really the past year that I started running.

Have you ever suffered any injuries due to running? How has that effected how you work out now?

Yes, I have experienced running injuries. Ooh - so painful! Limping around for days with shooting pain is no fun. :P Comical for those observing but not fun . . . It's particularly hard when you really want to run, but your know it's not healthy because you need to heal first.

I think my past injuries were due to improper form and not enough stretching. So now, I try and focus on proper form when I run and getting in some good stretches to help prevent injury.

Do you like to participate in race events, like 5K's, marathons or other events? 

My 1st 5K was last year in Dec 2011. I had so much fun and love the idea of getting out with my community and doing something healthy - plus the competition!

Earlier this year, I ran the Krispy Kreme challenge (minus the donuts - lol!) with my sister and some friends and then another 5K a few months ago. And, I have another 5K race coming up this Saturday. Yeeeah!

What other types of exercise do you enjoy? 

I love to hike out in natural beauty! As a kid, my dad would take me on overnight hikes to the Granite Park Chalet (in the beautiful mountains of Montana) so I have fantastic memories associated with being outdoors!

I also love kickboxing, backyard basketball & ultimate frisbee to name a few. :)

Do you have a set workout schedule each week or do you mix it up?

I go through phases. Sometimes I'm pretty disciplined about it and other times not. I'm human - what can I say? :P I like mixing things up, though, because I feel that I'm more likely to stick to something if I don't get bored with it.

What is your favorite place to run? (meaning indoors, outdoors, trail, road, etc.)

I'm a treadmill baby. :) I live on a farm so I could run outdoors but we have wild animals (i.e. bears, bobcats & coyotes - no kidding!) so I feel unless I have a running partner I like to run in my garage.

Your blog is filled with tasty recipes. How do you indulge without going overboard? 

I am all about enjoying life and having those moments of indulgence -- I just try not to do it all the time. These ginger spiced cookies were a recent indulgence, though. :-)

When you are having a busy day or lazy day, how do you motivate yourself to go workout? 

I try and think how great I will feel after the workout and most of the time that's enough to get me up and going. Also, I love that extra burst of energy that working out gives me so that's a great motivator, too.

Please share a sample workout. 

I do a lot of dvd workouts and interval running. Some of my favorite workouts are TheFirms Thin in 30 because they're ~ 20 min long and it's something I can do quickly and feel great about afterwards. :)

Thank you again to Katherine for participating!  I can't wait to try making the ginger spiced cookies!

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  1. Impressive. It's important for us to stay physically active.


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