Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Workout Wednesday V8 featuring The Fat Whisperer!

I am so happy about this Workout Wednesday post!  My first fitness celebrity!  Mary and I met through Instagram and Twitter, thanks to our mutual love for and education in Pilates.  If you do not follow her yet make sure you do!  Her posts range from inspirational to hilarious and I am so happy that I can call her a friend.  I can't wait to see how her Spine Align Sling System changes the Pilates world for the better!

  I also love that she used pieces of material from her slings to create Mantra Whisdom Bracelets.  More on her bracelet line soon!  For now, click here to shop :)

Name: Mary Ascension Saulnier aka Fat Whisperer
Location:  Los Angeles, CA
Occupation:  Body Practitioner and Celebrity Trainer
Fun Stuff:  I love to write movie scripts and comedy in my free time. It's great stress relief that uses my imagination and I love to laugh! I also like hanging out with family and friends.

1) How long have you been in the health and wellness field?
   Since 1979

 2) What do you love about Pilates?
   The power it has to transform everyone's body and have a profound health impact no matter what your fitness level is. Anyone can and should do Pilates!

3) What is your favorite piece of Pilates equipment?
   Spine Align Sling System. It's a new product that I developed which integrates aerial movement into Pilates exercises and is made with 100% organic, gluten-free and hypoallergenic ingredients. It provides broader range than the typical Pilates equipment. It  was designed to help achieve perfect posture and spinal alignment, as well as immediate back pain relief, but you can also do a full body workout with it. I designed the sling to be versatile: it can be used by itself in floor exercises or it can be fully integrated with all Pilates equipment (e.g., the reformer or other Pilates systems such as CoreAlign). It works equally well in group classes, in yoga, for physical therapy, while traveling or working.

4) How often each week do you work out?  Do you ever find it hard to get in your own workout?
    I work out 3-4 days a week. Exercise is a priority for me so I don't typically skip my sessions; I love to move my body and be active.

5) What kind of cardio exercise do you do?
      I run, I jump the trampoline (it's a great workout and so much fun!). I also do cycling and skating. I try to switch up my routine to keep things interesting and not get bored.

6) Do you do weight training?
     Some and I use Body Blade.

7) It seems like you are very disciplined when it comes to nutrition.  What is a typical days menu like for you?
     I see nutrition as a critical component of a healthy lifestyle. I am vegan by choice. A typical day's menu consists of a protein drink for breakfast, buckwheat cracker for a snack, steamed veggies (whatever is in season and I can get at my farmer's market) and raw salad for lunch, and a healthy dinner (with plant proteins). I like to drink green juices and matcha green tea throughout the day.

8) Do you have a favorite cheat meal or treat?
     I love So Delicious coconut ice cream. My taste buds can't resist it. It instantly reminds me of a tropical vacation. 
9) How long have you been doing embroidery?  What inspires you when it comes to those designs?
     I have been doing it for 3 months and I love it! It's my new favorite hobby! I started when I was trying to make a case for my new Pilates equipment, the sling system. I had some extra material so I was thinking of ways I can use it. I don't like to waste stuff. So I made a bracelet and embroidered my favorite mantra on it just to see how it would turn out and wow, I loved it! Designing embroidery is actually the easiest part for me. I integrate textures and colors that I like and then add my own personal mantras on the bracelets (I like to call them "whisdoms", a fun word play on my moniker the Fat Whisperer). I also get inspired from current fashion trends.
10) What is your favorite exercise?
     Aerial Pilates exercises using the Spine Align sling system

11) What is your least favorite exercise?

      I don't like swimming.

12) How do you stay motivated?
     I try to live my life each day to its fullest because I don't want to have any regrets. I love what I do and making a difference in people's health. The transformation can be truly amazing to witness. I also feel connected to the world we live in and try to keep an open mind to all that life throws my way and enjoy the ride. 
Mary's Sample Workout:
Trampoline: 1-2 hr
Aerial Pilates moves on the sling: 45 minutes
CoreAlign: 45 minutes
Plies/lunge teaser: (100 times)


  1. Sally I am really liking your workout wednesday...some very interesting people! Followed Mary on twitter, look forward to reading her tweets...she sounds really innovating!

    1. Thank you so much! I am really enjoying getting to know everyone, too! Mary is very innovative and inspiring, I am glad you are now following her :)

  2. wow...the spine sling sounds fun! Reminds of something you might see in Cirque du soleil. I'll bet it could really attract people who (incorrectly) assume Pilates is just calisthenics.

    1. Definitely! I really want to try the spine sling. Looks fun and hard all at once.

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