Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Workout Wednesday V6

Todays Workout Wednesday is a wonderful perspective from a working mom.  I met Emily on Instagram and she is part of the famous pen pal group!  Thank you so much for taking part in this and for providing such an honest and inspiring glimpse into the life of a working momma!

Name:  Em Lo Porto
Age:  31 and 3/4 :)
Occupation:  I work full time in marketing and business development for an architectural project management firm! Say that five times fast. I am a momma of two gals (6 years old and 15 months) who I get to see a lot of since I work from home part-time. I have been married to my kickass dh for 8 years!
Fun Stuff:  I have been blogging for about seven years though it is getting increasingly difficult to keep my current blog, Ribollita Reboiled, active with my growing girls.  I grew up in the home of two countrified-environmental activists (nope not an oxymoron), lived in Italy, was a classical ballerina in a small dance company, used to teach Pilates and am steeped in all things South Louisiana, my home; all of this inspires most of my writing and who I am. 
*one more fun fact* Emily is Power Pilates certified in mat and apparatus. We are Classical Pilates sisters! How cool! 

Do you currently workout on a weekly basis?  If so, how often?  If not, why?

Oh right this is about fitness!  As of late, workouts are completely random. Working and momming full-time (and still *ahem* nursingmytoddler pshhhh) leaves little time for me.  i am simply exhausted by 7pm bedtime. 

How often do you do Pilates?  When you practice Pilates is it at home (with a DVD, book, etc.) or do you prefer a class?

I definitely ALWAYS prefer a class. I think for women, community is important, and support. I get that in a class setting and get easily bored going solo.   DVDs are my least favorite. I'm too critical of the instructor! And then feel guilty for being judgmental. Woah, the pressure! So the final answer is: right now my Pilates practice is just memyselfandI on a mat with some good tunes and very likely a chubby baby sabotaging my effort. 

With a face like this, you can get away with just about anything!

Your Instagram profile says you are learning about yoga.  What have you done so far?

I've learned that vinyasa or flow is my "thing". Much like Pilates it is constantly moving, flowing. There are not a lot of long balances or holds. Specifically I would love to get deep into ashtanga yoga which is the vinyasa practice I have been doing. The focus on breath really relates to my Pilates practice!

It seems like everyone in NYC would be in great shape because you walk to so many places.  Is this true or a midwesterners misconception?

I think it is absolutely true...sort of. Anyone has the potential to be in better, or worse, shape. There are lots of ways to be lazy here like every single restaurant delivers, for example. You can have your groceries, dry cleaning, and organic dog food delivered for a very small fee too. There is even a company that will make your homemade baby food for you! (Wait, what?)
But yes I think walking more because you have to has tremendous benefits. One thing that always strikes me is how many elderly people you see on the streets here, walking to get groceries or whatever. In Louisiana and just over the river in Long Island this is less the case.  I would love to learn more about the long term effects of city living.

Do you do cardio exercise?  If so, what do you do/what is your favorite?

I love to dance, but like DVDs I can't stand a bad instructor ("snob!" i know, so shoot me) and can't afford NYC dance classes. But luckily I also love to run! I usually run as long as my body lets me. Sometimes it's a mile, sometimes five. That's okay with me...I believe any exercise is good exercise. Criticism only makes the hard days harder.  I actually prefer a treadmill because my knees are getting old but right now I run on the sidewalks or in the park if I have time. 

Do you find it challenging to workout with 2 little ones and work?  How do you squeeze fitness in to your day?

Sometimes. But I also realize that I've always felt it can be difficult so I wonder how much of that is just me not making it a priority. I try to walk a lot...even more than I already do. We walk through Central Park so it is interesting, and usually have a fun destination, like the museum or a different playground. I also like to challenge my 6 year old to little races, or jumping. We also like to dance to fun music with her little sister!

Now that you are working full time do you find it more of a challenge or easier to eat healthy? 

It actually has little effect on WHAT I eat but I do have to remember not to skip lunch. Some days are so packed I don't make time to grab a bite! But in a rush an apple with pb or plain yogurt and fruit hits the spot.
In general my biggest food challenge is making sure I am drinking water all day long.

A sample workout from Em:

Start your day with a simple vinyasa, like a Sun Salutation. Encourage family participation if you cant go solo. Only spend about 15 minutes on this. Just wake up dem bones. 

If it's a weekend, grab your family up and hit the road. By foot! Pick a place about 2.5 miles away as your destination, and try to make it non-food related like a cool playground or store just to browse. Encourage big kids to walk. Let your firecrackers run a few yards ahead and then back again. Time them.  And then you do the same! 

On weekdays (just after the wee one starts her nap if you've got one) grab your mat again for some Pilates mat work. Again I only spend 15 minutes here, but I'm choosing quality over quantity, checking my form, balance, breath, and really focusing on my core. 
Play = fitness = fun!

These days working out for me is less about counting the minutes and reps, and more about using my body to get me where I need to go, appreciating this vehicle I've been given, feeding it good fuel, loving who I am inside and out. It's not always easy but I feel like this recipe works for me today! I hope  I have inspired you to find what works for you. Be open to doing your own thing! 

What a GREAT sample workout!  I love the idea of a family walk, racing with the kids, squeezing in what you can.
Thanks again Ms. Em Lo Porto!


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    1. Hi Nirja, thank you for stopping by! I am glad that you found the posts interesting. I hope you come back :)

  2. You girls are the best! Em, love your post!


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