Friday, December 14, 2012

Celery, Cheese and Walnuts

My absolute favorite go-to snack is celery with babybel cheese.  When I am feeling really wild I will add walnuts.  Just ask my friends from work.  I have been taking this as my lunch or dinner for over 2 years now.  I credit my love for this food as being a major part in my weight loss from a couple of years ago.  Many times I would be tempted to stop at a drive-thru, but didn't, knowing that my tasty celery and cheese was waiting for me.

I was beyond excited to see the Men's Health Magazine featured Edam cheese, brand name of Babybel, as one of 16 New Muscle Foods!

So, today, here is this magical snack!

1 Babybel cheese, left at room temperature just a few minutes to soften

2-3 celery stalks
6-8 walnut halves

Break the cheese apart into marble-sized pieces and spread on the celery.  Top with walnuts for added protein.

Enjoy the obsession!

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