Wednesday, June 5, 2013

3 Beach-Booty Moves!

I have never really focused much on my glutes.  I have never had much junk in my trunk and running makes me even more flat.  But in the past year I have had some hip pain and my doctor thinks it is my gluteus medius and minimus.  So, I started doing strengthening exercises and it just so happens that those exercises can make you more bootyliscious than ever!
Even better, NO SQUATS are involved!
Do these 3 easy moves every other day for 30 days and you will love the booty-lifting results!
Start with one set of 12, then 15.  Then add a second set, then a third!  Start on one side, left or right, go all the way through, then do the other side.  That is one full set!

Dirty Dog:
Get on hands and knees, wrists under shoulders, knees under hip joints.  "Grow tall" away from the mat.  Lift your right arm and right leg into a straight line.  Bend arm and leg, bringing elbow to knee.  

  • Imagine rounding your elbow over a beach ball.
  • Inner thigh faces the floor, like a dog at a fire hydrant.
  • Inhale when limbs are straight, exhale when you bend.
  • Slow and steady...3 seconds each way.

Lie on your right side, with knees bent at a 90* angle.  Like sitting in a chair.  Support your head in your hand.  Shoulders should be stacked and imagine a wall behind your back to keep the torso and hips supported.  Keep your feet together and lift your top leg, then lower with control.
  • Inhale first, exhale as you lift your leg.
  • Keep your back straight, don't lean back.
  • Draw your navel into your spine.
  • Keep your gaze in front.

Leg Lifts
Immediately following Clam, straighten out your top leg in front of your body.  Think hip joint, knee, heel all in alignment.  Lower your leg and stop just before your foot touches the floor.  Lift to just above hip height.

  • Keep shoulders and hips stacked, like there is a wall behind you.
  • Don't lean back.
  • Make sure to keep your leg straight out in front.

As always, make sure your doctor has given you the okay for exercise.  Don't do anything that causes pain.  Questions?  I love to help!  Let me know.


  1. i need to be doing some of these moves. i am a thin gal, but i need to tone up a bit, you know? especially my glutes. they are kind of saggy.

    1. Give these a try! I am the same way, not much junk in my trunk, but it's hard for me to get motivated to do squats and lunges. These are easy to do, even at home.

  2. A friend of mine showed me those..I never thought in a million years, that those would do it or be hard to beginn with...but heck ya!!

    1. Definitely! Harder than they look for sure.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. These are great exercises! Awesome set up ecspecially for when you're just tired of squats. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks! I love any alternative to squats!

  4. I want to see some examples of successful booties on the beach...just saying (that is my Y chromosome talking!)

    1. Fund my trip to the beach and I will snap some photos!
      That is my land-locked midwestern side talking :)


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