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Bodytox Treatment featuring the ItWorks Wrap

When it comes to some body treatments I am always skeptical.  When I first started hearing about the ItWorks Body Wraps, I will admit, my initial reaction involved eye rolling.  I envisioned my plastic workout pants from the 90's and, also from the 90's, seeing celebrities being wrapped from shoulder to knee in ace bandages, sitting in a sauna, to lose "weight" prior to a big event.
My skepticism parallels my love of a good deal, so when my friend, and massage therapist, asked if I would like to try her latest treatment, I agreed.  Like I said, she is a Licensed Massage Therapist, along with having years of experience in health, fitness and wellness.  If Neda gives it the seal of approval, I automatically know its great.
The Bodytox Treatment at Trinity Wellness utilizes the ItWorks Body Wrap, but it is SO much more.
The treatment starts with dry exfoliation.  Lying on the massage table, I was gently scrubbed with a soft, dry bristle brush.  I LOVE dry exfoliation.  It feels good and I just can feel the dead skin cells being brush away!
Next Neda applied CEL-Lite Massage oil, an all-natural essential oil blend that helps to cleanse and purify the skin.  It also smells great!
After that Neda applied the ItWorks wraps to my tummy and thighs.  You can do arms, legs, tummy, rear...any where there is extra fat. There is also an option for chin/neck to help tighten and firm. She then wrapped those same areas in plastic wrap and then wrapped me in a soft blanket and then a blanket to help heat my skin.  Basically I looked like a swaddled newborn.
As part of the treatment I was able to choose a foot or head massage.  I chose feet for my poor old dogs.
After the massage I had the luxury of lying in the dim room, with relaxing music, comfortable warm and cozy, for around 30 minutes while the wraps did their work.
After the treatment I was given a glass of cool water with Greens-on-the-Go powder mixed in.  This is a detoxifying nutritional drink that enhances the body wrap treatment.
The wraps do the majority of the shrinking magic in 45 minutes, but Neda encouraged me to keep them on for the rest of the day.  Yes, I went to Costco and cleaned the house with my thighs and tummy plastic wrapped :)
You will want to drink lots of water during the first 24 hours especially.  No less than a half ounce of water for every pound you weigh.  This helps to flush toxins from your system and enhance your results.  You may feel bloated because of this on the day of treatment, but don't goes away.
You can also continue to see results for the next 72 hours.  The results can last for several months.
The wraps contain an essential oil blend to minimize cellulite, firm and tighten skin and improve texture.

My Results!
I can't say I am a fan of showing off my mid-section, but anything for a good blog post, right?  As you will see, I lost noticeable inches and in the pictures my body looks more firm and defined.  The results are still lasting, 2 weeks later, thanks to a healthy diet and exercise in addition to the wraps.
Here are my before and after photos, along with my results, in inches:

Before (totally regretted having a donut for breakfast)

45 minutes after

72 hours after


45 minutes after

72 hours after

Before:  the land of dimples

45 minutes after: smoother and looks as firm as I feel they should be!

My thoughts
I absolutely love that I can do the It Works wraps as part of an entire treatment.  I know that the wraps can be purchased on their own and applied at home, but I like that I am able to receive so much more doing it at the Trinity Wellness location.
This is not a permanent solution, but it was a great boost.  I had been feeling bloated and chunky and the wraps helped me to tighten and firm my skin, allowing me to be more comfortable in my clothes and in baring my belly.
If you have hit a weight loss plateau, have a special event coming up or are wanting to feel better in your bathing suit, this is PERFECT for you!
Results can also be seen in those that have had massive weight loss followed by sagging skin.  Again, this will not be a permanent solution, but it can give you just the boost you need to continue on your fitness program.
If you are eating right, working out and wanting to enhance what you are already doing, these wraps and this treatment would be amazing for you!
For me, it has been motivating and helped me to become more strict on my never-ending quest to be sugar-free.  I will definitely do it again during swimsuit season or anytime I need a little bit of help losing inches.

Trinity Wellness is a massage therapy and body treatment clinic.  For more information on the location click here.
Information from Trinity Wellness about the treatment:

Loose inches while firming your body with this Detox Treatment featuring the It-Works! Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap! It’s powerful natural botanical ingredients absorb through the skin layer by layer getting into your fat cells, allowing your body to loosen toxins and extra fat stored, revealing a more toned body!
Treatment includes: Dry Brush Exfoliation to prep the tissue,     Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap on your area of choice, Young    Living Signature CEL-lite Oil massaged into the body followed with a heat enhanced body wrap to infuse your entire body with detoxifying benefits. During the treatment enjoy a Head & Neck Massage or Foot Reflexology followed with a meditative processing time of 30 Min. & a refreshing detox drink, GREENS!
(Please be prepared to wear disposable undergarments & hydrate before/after)

Summer Specials!

1 Treatment $75 (1 Body Area)
Take-Home Wraps $25 Each or Box 4 for $75(Get 1 Wrap FREE)
4 PACK TREATMENT Only $300 & FREE Box of Greens-On-The-Go ($50 Value)

Mention that you are a Forward From The Heart reader when you call for a special treat!  

I want to know!
Have you tried It Works body wraps?
What did you think?

TW is not a distributor of the It Works wraps, they just utilize them in their services.
I paid for my treatment so all of the thoughts and opinions expressed are mine and in no way influenced by Trinity Wellness, It Works, Greens-to-Go, or Young Living.


  1. wow....crazy! I will have to remember this when I have a something special to attend. thanks for being so brave with the pics. MILF! lol

    1. I hope I didn't gross anyone out with my belly! All for the sake of a great post, eh?


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