Thursday, June 27, 2013

Suddenly Grateful

I was going to blog about how annoyed I was today by people taking up my time.
I'm busy.  We all are.
Today, in particular, I felt the crunch.
I wanted to do cardio at the gym but didn't because I had several post-Pilates class questions.  And I had to go let Ivy out before a rain storm arrived.
I wanted to do Reformer before teaching this evening and had several interruptions in the form of questions from instructors on my staff.
I wanted to leave, to get to E's playoff baseball game, and a fellow Pilates trainer wanted to chat about continuing ed, classical Pilates, master trainers.  Subjects I love but, not at that moment, you know? Several times today I stood and thought "don't you people know what it's like to want to workout?  Or go to your child's baseball game?

But then it hit me just how very lucky I am.  I have people that are waiting to talk to me.  They have questions for me about a subject that I love.  Pilates.  A subject that I have chosen to devote my life to.  They ask me also about injury prevention, beginning or continuing in the field of health and wellness, or some other tidbit that I know the answer to.  And I always learn from them, as well.
So, as I was driving to E's game, just a few minutes behind than I could have been, I turned my annoyance into being grateful.  And happy.  I have people that value me and what I know.

I once saw and interview with David Sedaris.  He is known for staying hours after his readings to sign autographs and greet fans.  He was asked why he did that, when so many other celebrities may sign a few autographs and be on their way.  I do not remember his answer verbatim but it was something along the lines of that he thinks it is so amazing that so many people genuinely like him and want to meet him that he will sit there for hours because what could be better than that?  Than people that are willing to wait hours just to say hi.

I am definitely not at that level.  Please don't think that I think I am.  But, in my world, 3 or 4 people that genuinely care what I have to say is equal to the thousands that care what David Sedaris has to say.  And I think that is pretty amazing.

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