Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Junk Food Junkie

I have been eating so horribly lately!
If it isn't a donut for breakfast it has been a candy bar at a ball game or a chicken/bacon/ranch hoagie with fries.  Seriously.  
I still love my fresh veggies and fruits but I feel like I used to eat 80% healthy and 20% average.  Now it's almost completely opposite.
I am still working out 5-6 days a week but it hasn't helped me not feel like crap, because we all know its mostly about what we eat.
I know most people tend to over eat in the winter months but for me I have always tended to have my cheat months in the summer.  Something about ice cream, ball park food, picnics extra time with the kids sends me into a mode where I eat more bad than good.

How have you been lately?  Is it just me eating like a college boy or is it a pandemic?

What do you do to snap out of a nutrition rut?

PS-even though I started the day with a donut and lunched on pizza I am not nibbling on celery and grape tomatoes.


  1. Me too sally me too...wanna make a pact to get back on track or what? What is back on track for you?

  2. YES! I am all over the place nutritionally the last two weeks. I think with school coming to a close and other stuff clouding my concentration I am letting myself get so hungry I just eat what is convenient.

    you are doing just what I do when things get out of hand. I try to fill in the day with raw fruits and veggies. Even if I end up eating a donut, I at least know that I will chow down on a giant peach or a handful of carrots as soon as I am back home.

    1. I just realized we have all 3 of my summer poisons at the house right now: cheese dogs, doritos and M&M cookies. Ack!

  3. this describes me at the moment. not fun! need to get back on track!!!

    1. I need a month long green smoothie cleanse!


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