Monday, June 24, 2013

My (new) Favorite Running Socks

I'm kind of picky when it comes to socks.  Just ask my mom.  I remember stalling many mornings growing up because of having a "bumpy" in my sock.  You know, when your sock bunches and you have to fix it.
When I ran my first 5K, about 50 years ago, I wore regular cotton sports socks.  Towards the last mile I felt like I had wood chips in my shoes.  Not a great feeling.  I ended up with several blisters on my feet, around the arches.  I was then on a mission to find running socks.  I found and fell in love with a Nike running sock that was thin, breathable and didn't cause any bunching or blistering.  This was around 2005.  I had three pairs that I bought separately because they were around $9 a pair.  I still have all three pairs and I still run in them.  Talk about a quality item!  But, as you can imagine, they don't look great and, after about 8 years I am starting to worry that they will soon give out.  Although, no holes yet, the bottoms of the socks are starting to become see-through or thread bare.
Still good, but have seen better days for sure.

I have been on a several year mission to find a good replacement, as Nike no longer makes these socks.
I have tried other styles and brands but nothing satisfied me.
I tried Lululemon Run For Sun Sock.  Described as "the perfect 'nothing' for when you want to wear 'something'."
I have been for several runs in them, including a 5K and 10K event, and they have been perfect!  I love them so much that I bought a pair for my bestie and running buddy and she wore them for the first time to run her first 10K.  As promised, she said it felt like she had nothing on her feet.  In a good way.

Head to Lululemon to check them out!

I purchased my socks with my very own money and all opinions expressed are my own.  Lululemon has no idea I wrote this, although I would LOVE it if they did and wanted to partner up in the future ;)


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  2. I'm really so glad you posted this because the other day I ran and my feet felt so uncomfortable when I was done. I'm gonna have to get these.

  3. Those socks are sooo cute! I love the stripes!!! I'll definitely check them out! Runners always need socks! ;-)


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