Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Vocal Chords are Fine

I have been on the verge of losing my voice for over a month now.
15 days of steroids didn't help.  Which, it turns out, is quite a long time to be on steroids.  My primary care doctor and my Ear, Nose & Throat doctor both said that was a long run.  Thanks, Urgent Care doctor.
Anyway, since I have sounded pretty scruffy lately my pc doctor said I should see and ENT.  And, yes, I do have an ENT of my very own, thanks to the lovely tubes in my ears.
So, I went to see him today to find out if I have nodules on my vocal chords.
Yeesh.  I thought today would be just a chat and then we would schedule something.
He sprayed this lovely tasting stuff up my nose, it drained down my throat, and 10 minutes later he was sticking a tube, about the size of a straw, but maybe 2 feet long, up my nose and down my throat.
Good times.
At one point he asked me to sit back up.  I hadn't realized it but I was slowly inching back, like you would do if someone was "in your bubble."
It wasn't a horrible experience, but I wouldn't recommend it just for fun.
The worst part is that, for the last 2 hours, my throat has felt like it's full of glass shards.  I am guessing from the numbing stuff and the scope.
But, he said my vocal chords look great, minus the drainage and tonsil irritation from allergies.
So, it's allergies as the culprit yet again.
But, it is good to know that they are fine.   Using my voice is a big part of my job and this experience has taught me that I need to take care of my vocal chords and maybe try resting my voice more.  If you know JF IRL please help me console him :)

Can I just move into a bubble dome already?  

Have you ever had your vocal chords looked at?

Have you had a surprise medical procedure?

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