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Workout Wednesday - Katie Jackson

Hi!  It's Workout Wednesday!  I don't know about you, but I have missed these posts!
Today we will be getting to know Katie, an Instagram friend and Forward From the Heart reader.  She has lost 40 pounds and wanted to share her story to inspire others.  I am always inspired by weight loss stories.  As someone that indulges in desserts and sabotages my "last 5 pounds" goals all the time, it is so nice to hear about someone that went the distance and got the job done!

Name: Katie Jackson
Age: 18
Location: Southern California
Occupation: Student
Find her:  Instagram @katiemariejackson

You recently lost 40 pounds.  What made you start your weight loss journey?
I knew that I wasn't at a healthy weight for my body and that something had to change! I'd always thought about dieting but never actually committed to it until i realized that I could be at risk for serious health issues. It wasn't about looking thin for me. It was about becoming a healthier person overall!

Did you change what you ate?  How so?
I went on a protocol called Ideal Protein. It's unlike any other diet plan I've seen before. You get to eat real food, and A LOT of it too. Breakfast was a protein shake with a piece of fruit, lunch was 2 cups of veggies with a source of protein and a source of dairy, and dinner was another 2 cups of veggies, with 8 ounces of protein and a small amount of carbohydrates. Before this experience, I thought that all diets were about counting calories or points and didn't allow you to actually eat, but Ideal Protein is completely different and changed my life!

What exercise(s) do you do that help you to reach your weight loss goals?
Before I stared dieting, I never exercised much and I knew if I wanted to meet my weight loss goals, exercise was crucial! I began walking more instead of driving to nearby places and doing more cardio like running on the elliptical. Although I didn't exercise too much while on the protocol, I've stepped it up and do my best to work out 3-4 times a week even if it's something as small as taking the dogs for a walk.

What was the hardest part of losing weight?
The hardest part was not being able to eat desserts. I love love love baking and it was difficult to make goodies for other people and not sneak a bite!

What is the best part about having lost 40 pounds?
Being able to fit into clothes! All of my "fat clothes" as I call them, were extremely baggy because I was self conscious of the way I looked. After losing the weight and being able to buy clothes that complement my body shape is pretty amazing. I'm not a size zero and that's okay with me! 

What are your top 3 diet tips for those with weight to lose?
1) ITS POSSIBLE! Don't lose hope early. It may take a few weeks to start noticing the results after you lose water weight. Don't sweat it, and keep on going because it totally pays off.

2) After you've lost the desired amount of weight, its so important to change your entire lifestyle. You cannot go back to eating the junk you did before, and you must exercise regularly, but giving yourself a cheat day helps a ton!

3)Try your best not to cheat! After you've lost the weight, a cheat day is totally fine, but even little cheats while you're still dieting can set you back days!

What is your favorite healthy snack?
My absolute favorite snack is frozen blueberries and grapes. Weird, I know. They taste so sweet and yummy frozen and you can eat as many as you'd like because it's fruit!

Do you give yourself a cheat meal or day?  If so, why?  If not, why?
I give myself a cheat day once a week where I allow myself to indulge in whatever meals/sweet treats that I please. I follow this with a day of very strict eating. Very low carbs and high protein and veggies help to not store the fat from the previous day. Having a cheat day helps me to not eat enticing sweets during the week.

Do you have an exercise that you just don't like at all?
RUNNING. There's a running gene in my family that just wasn't passed down to me. I'm not good and no matter how hard I try, it just doesn't work out for me. Instead I love running on the elliptical or riding the bike!

What advice do you have for those just beginning a weight loss program?
Stick with it and don't give up! The first few weeks are definitely the hardest and after you get past that, it's easy peasy. It's also awesome to have friends and family supporting you along the way, it makes it THAT much easier, and is pretty sweet to know that people are noticing your weight loss! :)

Are you at your goal weight or do you have more to lose?
I am at my goal weight and loving every second of it! I went from weighing nearly 200 pounds, to 160 pounds and I'm pretty proud of that. I may try to lose a little bit more this summer, just to trim up certain parts of my body, but I'm confident with how I look right now, and have peace of mind knowing that I'm at a healthy weight.

On days when you don't feel motivated to workout and/or eat right, how do suck it up and keep going?
On days where I don't feel motivated to stick to my health plan, I tell myself that my cheat day is coming soon! It helps me to not indulge in not-so-healthy foods and make smarter choices, knowing that in a few days, I can reward myself.

Please give a sample workout that readers can do at home and/or a healthy recipe idea:
My favorite healthy recipe is a green smoothie from Joy Wilson of Joy the Baker. Blend together 1 heaping cup spinach with 1 heaping cup of kale leaves and 1 and a half cups of almond milk, or milk of your choice. Blend until no large chunks of greens remain. Add 1 frozen banana cut in two pieces along with a tablespoon of peanut butter (or nut butter of your choice) and 2 teaspoons of honey or agave nectar. Enjoy!

Thank you so much for sharing, Katie!  I love your tips for staying on track.  Congratulations on 40 pounds lost!

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