Monday, May 6, 2013

Let's Talk About Algae!

I am really excited to announce that I am a Brand Ambassador for the Energy Bits company.  Energy Bits are dehydrated spirulina algae that come in little tabs.  They are NOT a supplement, they are food.  Supplements, like vitamins, are made in a lab.  Algae is grown, then dehydrated and pressed into a tab or "bit."  It is just like dehydrated apples or bananas.

Energy Bits are organic, non-GMO food.  You can chew them, but most prefer to just swallow them with water as they have an ocean-y taste :)
Algae is 60% protein, whereas meat, like steak, is around 25% protein.  Algae provides iron in a fully absorbable form, entering your system within 2-5 minutes of eating. 
I am attaching a little more about spirulina algae if you are interested.  Please feel free to research it yourself, too.  

I know it sounds crazy, but since adding algae to my diet I have more energy, my skin isn't as dry, my nails are stronger and my constant urge to snack is gone.  Algae is great for managing hunger and aiding in weight loss, too.  One tab = 1 calorie so you can take 10-20 as a meal replacement!

I get asked all of the time what a good snack is to have before a workout.  I now have a solid answer to give.  EnergyBits!  I swallow 10 before I run and I am not overly full but am not hungry at all.  Another 10 post-workout with water and I am hydrated and completely nourished. 

Visit to see the full line of bits.  They also have chlorella algae, which is better at detoxing the system and strengthening the immune system.  I eat both spirulina and chlorella.

Here is the nutritional information.  As you will see, algae offers a full range of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that you can't get anywhere else as easy for your body to digest.

As a Brand Ambassador I do get financially compensated, however, I am not selling Energy Bits in the traditional way.  I don't have my own inventory, you won't give money to me, you will just go to the website and order EnergyBitsRecoveryBitsSkinnyBits or VitalityBits. MAKE SURE TO USE THE CODE HEART at checkout.  This lets the company know that I am the one that sent you that way AND you will receive 15% off your order!  

I don't put anything into my body without triple researching it and feel so safe with my EnergyBits and I feel so much better!

I have so much more information I could share with you about the Bits of Health brand but I know it's not fun to read lengthy posts.  I will be sharing bits here and there to keep you informed.

Algae really is a perfect addition to any diet, it has been shown to lower blood pressure and to help balance blood sugar.  I used to always fret about my blood sugar dropping while I am out and about, but with a tin full of Bits I don't worry anymore because I will always have a balance source of food with me!

Please feel free to come to me with any questions that you have about Spirulina, Chlorella and the Bits of Health products.

I hope you will give being Powered By Bits a try!

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