Friday, May 24, 2013

Fresh Friday May 24, 2013

Super sunny Friday.  I love it!
I have had 2 new students on the Pilates equipment this week and 3 for mat.  It is SO fun to meet new people and watch them (hopefully) fall in love with Pilates like me.
I was also asked to do a presentation for a local nursing school to discuss the benefits of yoga and Pilates for various patients that they will see.  SO exciting.  I also love sharing the why's and how's of fitness.

Time for Fresh Friday.  Although I really can't believe that it is already Friday and time to reflect on the fun, fresh, fantastic and funny (see #3) week!

+ I have a new addition in my car.  We call him "Guy" and Levi made him all on his own.  So creative, right?  Although, I have to admit, the ball cap on my head rest has startled me a few times when I go to look out the back window.  "Guy" now has a blade of grass sticking out of his mouth area.  Country guy!

+ Two boys that love to snuggle.  So much so that I sometimes have to ask them to not snuggle, like when I am drinking my (hot) morning coffee or trying to eat.  But I love that they love to cuddle and can't imagine not holding hands of waking up to one of them in my bed.  Or both.

+ My craft failure.  It still got gifted because the kids worked on it and I, of course, waited to the last minute so there was no other option.  But.  You tell me.  The great idea to have each child do a finger print to represent the teacher being #1...the fingers look more like, umm, a certain male body part, eh?  E is going to have the same teacher next year so I need to start planning her Christmas gift now.  What kind of gift says "Sorry your end of the year project should be titled Gold Member"?

So, what made your week fresh and fun?  Link up with Katherine here or leave me your comments below.

Have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend.
Tomorrow I am running a 5K right by my house and then we have an afternoon wedding to go to.
Sunday we will be meeting our maybe puppy, a corgi/blue heeler mix.
Monday.  Is up for grabs!
How about you?

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