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Workout Wednesday V13 - Robyn Burky

I have known todays Workout Wednesday guest for nearly 10 years!  Wow.  Just seeing that in print is crazy.  When Robyn and I met we were both working a pinch of hours at our local YMCA, we had toddlers the same age--boys around 2 that talked like they were 8 and behaved like they were little gentlemen.  Our little men bonded (probably over their love of novels, Starbucks or fine dining, lol...but seriously) and so did we.  Over the years we have worked together, carpooled our boys to school, and attended everything from birthday parties to yoga classes together.  Robyn is passionate about everything she does and it shows.  I am so happy that you get to meet her today!  Stick around til the end of the post for a giant dose of cute!

Name: Robyn Burky
Age: 30
Location: Blue Springs, MO
Occupation: Events Coordinator

Fun Stuff 

I enjoy supporting those I love in their endeavors, whether it be watching my son, Drake, play basketball, practice his Taekwondo or traveling near and far with my fiancé, Andy, to attend a bike race, we have been lucky to share in this together while traveling all over the countr. Andy racing and me providing the support for race weekend.  I have also been known to take a photo or two. Andy and I have a great relationship with the Chamois Butt’r Crew and have attended Interbike a number of years supporting the brand. 

Okay, first tell us a little about your involvement with the Hospital Hill run:
My involvement with the Hospital Hill Run began 5 years ago. My employer, UMKC School of Medicine, is the sponsor of the 5k event. In addition to sponsoring the 5k event, the school provides medical and volunteer support. A few years ago Beth Salinger, the race director, decided it would be a good idea to have bike marshals on course and since I have ties to the KC bike community I began organizing this portion of the race as well. Becoming more and more involved with the Hospital Hill Run over the past few years has been an easy choice, Beth is an incredible leader and I love working with the HHR crew. When it comes to race week we run off  little sleep and have a great time doing it. 

When is it this year?
This year we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of Hospital Hill Run, which will be on Saturday, June 1, 2013. The race has sold out but we are still in need of volunteers. If you are looking to get involved with your community this is a great opportunity. The energy of race day cannot be beat! 
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – Visit to sign up!

As a runner, is it hard to watch the participants in the race as you keep all the plates spinning? 
Not at all. The emotions run high at the finish line which is where I am stationed most of the race. Whether it be an engagement or someone breaking down upon overcoming a battle and reaching a personal goal at the finish. We make a human tunnel welcoming back the very last finishers while cheering them to the finish. It is truly an incredible experience!

Volunteering in my community…
Recently I began working with a few other local athletes who are either active duty or retired military. As a future military wife I am drawn to serve those who serve our country. Currently myself and 3 others are working to establish a Greater Kansas City area Team Red, White and Blue. Chapters can be found popping up all over the US and are intended to serve like-minded men and women through some form of physical or organized activity, creating an established community of veterans. I have been named Community Outreach Director for the Kansas City chapter and am working to form relationships with various gyms, studios, events and businesses to support our weekly organized events.
We are still working to grow our veteran community, both retired and active duty, as well and will cater our weekly events based upon our veteran’s interests. If you are interested in Team RWB in any capacity or what to learn more please feel free to contact me:

In the years I have known you I have seen you run, bike, snowboard...what is your favorite form of cardio and why?
I have dabbled in many things…Although I have not been in the pool recently I thoroughly enjoy swimming, it is a form of relaxation for me. I also love cycling. Cycling is what brought my fiancé, Andy and I together. I don’t race at the level he does (in fact I don’t race at all right now) but it is our favorite past time. 

Is there any activity you DON'T like? 
I always like a challenge even though I may not love the discipline that is challenging me. Running is not my favorite, I have a short attention span and quickly get bored.

What does a typical week look like for you when it comes to working out?
My schedule is “cray-cray” but it is important for myself, my sanity and the livelihood of those close to me that I have an outlet. I strive to get to the gym 5 times a week. Twice a week I enjoy doing yoga, 2 days a week I lift weights and the other days I focus on cardio. With warmer weather approaching I look forward to the days ahead where I can run and bike outside. I know some people run outside all year round but I have no desire to torture myself to that extent. 

You are in school, work full time, volunteer and have a 10 year old do you find the time to work out?
I get this question often. It is really all about time management. If most people were to track their day hour-to-hour they would find that much time is wasted doing things such as sitting in front of the tv. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good lazy day just as much as the next person. However, we don’t have television access in my house so you won’t find us camped out in front of the “tube” daily. I work a typical 9-5’er Monday through Friday, after work I get my son from school and 2-nights a week he has Taekwondo which takes place at the gym I am a member of, so this allows me time to workout while he is in class. Later nights and weekends is when I fit in my school work. It is also important to find time for my relationship; my fiancé is Air Force and lives in Louisiana which adds an additional hurdle. Balancing a long distance relationship for over 2 years would be an entire blog post in itself, but we make it happen. 

Do you lift weights?
YES! I love lifting heavy weight! 
I was introduced to weight lifting when I began doing CrossFit in 2012. I credit my coach, Jim Caskey, owner of CrossFit Matters, for teaching safety and proper form which has allowed me to continue lifting even while I have had to take a hiatus from CrossFit due to my schedule.

How often do you do Yoga?
Yoga, twice a week. This is when I am really able to relax, regroup and recharge.

Do you follow a strict diet? 
Yes. A healthy diet regimen is just as important as working out. Our bodies need fuel and must be fed! Keeping it simple is how I keep it clean and healthy. A good diet does not have to be hard or costly and doesn’t have to require a lot of cooking or prep time (I don’t like to cook). It is possible to eat well while on the go! I also use a couple of supplements; protein powder and glutamine; a multi vitamin and fish oil. 
The daily dose of H2O is very important as well. 

Favorite healthy food?
We always have chicken and fish on hand in the freezer. I snack on raw almonds throughout the day and keep a carton of boiled eggs in the fridge which are easy grab-and-go items. It is not uncommon to find a boiled egg in my purse. A can of black beans, avocado, tuna packets and hummus are staples in my house.
I try to steer clear of processed food at all costs. 

Favorite treat?
My favorite healthy sweet is a sliced up banana with dark chocolate syrup drizzled on top. 
My favorite “cheat meal” would be a number of things on the menu at my favorite Mexican restaurant, including a beergarita. 
Oh and those scrumptious things called Girl Scout Cookies!

How do you stay motivated when your days and weeks are crazy hectic?
I see the gym as an escape. If I am especially distracted I have to get out of my house. Otherwise, the laundry, homework and many other things that need to be done around the house get between me and my workout. 

Please provide a sample workout that you do:
Right now I am really focusing on my problem areas; abs and glutes/thighs, with a wedding planned for August I want to be in tip-top-shape. A couple of movements that can be done at the gym or at home are the toe touch crunches and oblique twists with a medicine ball. For the glutes there are number of variations of squats that can be done with or without weight. For arms I do 10 pushups a day as a standard on top of the weights I do a couple times a week. 

Thanks so much for participating, Robyn!  It has been a year in the making but let's grab a beergarita soon!

And to end this post I have to share one of my all-time favorite pictures, Ezra and Drake at 5:

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