Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Playground Workout - Parent and child fitness!

As parents we spend lots of time at playgrounds.  I love taking my boys to the park because it gets us out of the house and is a great social experience, too.  But our kids shouldn't be the only ones getting exercise at the park.  I do this workout when L is playing at the park and it is also perfect for when you can sneak away during baseball or soccer practice, since most sports fields are near a playground.
You may feel silly at first if there are other parents around, but don't worry.  When the seasons change and you all cross paths at the local pool, they will no longer think your playground push-ups are silly ;)

Start with 10-12 of each and build to 15-20.  You can also do a second set if you want.  For the calf dips start with 15-20 and build to doing 2-3 sets.

Stand with feet hip-width apart on bottom rung, holding onto handles, shoulders away from ears.  Bend your elbows to pull up and then return to starting position with control, about 3-5 seconds in length.

Find your plank position, using handles on the playground equipment.  Bend at the elbows to lower and then lift.

Step Jumps
Find a step that is a comfortable height for you to jump.  Start with a small step and move your way up. Keeping feet together jump up, land, and jump back down.

Calf Dips
Stand with your feet hip-width apart, heels off of the edge.  Lower and lift to "tip toes".  This is my favorite park exercise because it is the least noticeable.  If you are feeling self-concious about hopping around the park, start with this one!

Stand in a wide "sumo" stance with one leg up on a step, fingers pointing to ears.  Squat down, like you are lowering your rear into a chair.  As you return up twist toward the bent leg.  Make sure to do full reps on each side!

Triceps Dip
Use the playground rungs as your base, overhand grip, shoulders away from ears.  Bend at the elbows to lower down and then lift.

A big thank you to my photographer!

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