Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Sunday Social

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
How are you spending yours?

Today the Sunday Social questions are all about summer fun!

Sunday Social

1.  What is your best summer memory as a kid?
Wow.  I could think of so many.  But, since it is Memorial Day Weekend, I will go with my best memory of that holiday.  I was around 12 years old and we spent the weekend at "the country" which is what we called my great aunt and uncle's home about 1 hour west of St. Louis.
The day was spent playing with my cousins, brand new country kittens, lounging in a hammock, eating great food, playing wiffle ball, walking through the woods to an empty creek bed.  I tried home grown strawberries for the first time.  Once the sun had gone down we played Scattergories.  The day seemed to last forever, and even looking back it is hard to imagine that we did so much in one day!  Nearly everyone I loved in my world at that time was there and it was magical.

2.  What is your favorite summer drink?
I really am a water girl, so when I think of summer I think of a giant insulated bottle of water.  In order to not seem too boring I will also say that I enjoy fresh brewed, unsweetened iced tea.

3.  What is your favorite summer TV show?
We don't have cable and I am rarely home long enough to watch TV.  But Wipeout is a summer show, isn't it?  We LOVE that show in my house!  I always say that I am going to try out for it.  I have fairly decent balance and am pretty quick, and it seems like those two things would come in handy.  

4.  What is the best outdoor summer activity?
What isn't?  I love to go swimming, go to baseball games, running in the evening as the sun goes down.  I am NOT a fan of camping, so as you can see, all of my summer activities get me home in time to sleep in my air conditioned home :)

5.  What are your summer vacation essentials?
Comfy sundresses, cute sandals, and a great pair of sunglasses.

I want to know about you!  Leave comments below or join the link-up here.  If you join the link-up let me know below so I can go check out your post!

Hooray!  We made it to summer!


  1. Swimming is the best!
    Oh and I love that dress!


  2. Love, love your dress!


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